• Sydney Trains

Sydney Trains is the provider of train services in the Sydney CBD and metropolitan area. Its network boasts 178 stations, 2,191 electric and diesel cars, and a workforce of about 10,000 people. The network sees around 1 million customer journeys per weekday.

In a bid to reduce train delays and better communicate with customers, Sydney Trains is building a state-of-the-art rail operations centre (ROC) that’s due to be completed in 2018. The ROC will use Quintiq solutions to handle disruptions efficiently and create a more robust timetabling system.

Quintiq will power an incident management system by providing computerized decision support for monitoring services and responding to service disruptions. It will also power a dynamic timetabling system that uses advanced analytics to quickly re-plan and publish timetables when disruptions occur. The quick update of timetables would enable customers to change their travel plans to minimize the impact of disruptions and delays on their journey.
At the moment Sydney Trains manages the trains and tracks, responds to incidents, communicates with customers and monitors their safety from different locations and in different ways. The ROC will bring all staff involved in moving and controlling trains together in a centralized and coordinated way.
Tony Eid,
Executive Director,
Future Network Delivery