SYMETAL is a leading aluminum foil producer under the ELVAL group. SYMETAL has customers in over 60 countries and two plants in Greece boast a combined annual capacity of 68,000 tons.

As the company grew and business operations became more complex, it found its existing planning tools to be lacking. Juggling the many factors like price, capacity, and sales forecasts can be hard with spreadsheets.

The Quintiq system gives planners full visibility across all business functions. It lets them better compare strategic business options and plan across many time horizons – from detailed production scheduling to strategic planning.
Our existing long-term planning tools didn't reflect our detailed business reality and couldn't cope with frequent updates. Quintiq's approach to modelling helps us to see the consequences of different planning scenarios, quantified accurately as changes in our key performance indicators. Having these changes visualized will allow us to make better planning decisions.
Dimitris Pokas,
Planning Manager,