• Syngenta

Syngenta AG is a leader in agriculture with over 28,000 employees in 90 locations around the world. The company is a provider of innovative crop solutions to growers — processing and blending harvested seeds according to customer demand, and distributing them all over the world.

The Quintiq 100%-fit planning solution will incorporate Syngenta’s large and diverse volume of data, right down to details of unique seed characteristics and market variables of each crop type. The platform will integrate and provide real-time visibility across plants and warehouses, enabling Syngenta to accurately calculate production capacity to meet customer demand.
We selected Quintiq for its agility and proven optimization technology to help us solve puzzles within our planning processes. Quintiq can be configured to our needs and will help us capitalize on master data stored in SAP, providing us with a clearer overview of our supply chain. We expect inventories of finished goods, write-offs, transportation costs and lost sales to be reduced, and asset utilization, cycle times, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction to improve.
Peter Vos,
Global Planning Excellence Manager,