• Teijin

Teijin Aramid is a world-leading producer of high-strength, heat-resistant aramid fibers Twaron, Technora, Teijnconex and Sulfon. These products are found in numerous applications and markets, including automotive, aerospace and civil engineering.

Quintiq’s supply chain planning and optimization software will enable Teijin to forecast sales more accurately with statistical forecasting as well as enabling a greater degree of collaboration among its account managers around the world. The fully integrated solution will support Teijin Aramid’s supply planners in converting the sales forecast into a supply plan for its global multi-stage manufacturing and distribution process. These efforts will enable the company to increase its levels of product availability and fulfilment through more accurate sales and demand forecasting, thus improving its overall supply balancing.
We are confident about a successful future with Quintiq. The Quintiq team proved in the demo challenge that they could address all the needs of our Sales & Operations Planning Program. With their support, we look forward to elevating our customer service levels while keeping inventories and supply chain costs low.
Peter ter Horst,
Chief Financial Officer,
Teijin Aramid.