• Tisséo

Tisséo is the public transport network operator in Toulouse, France. It manages over 100 bus lines, two tram lines, and two metro lines that serve the needs of almost a million residents annually.

Having met the rigorous demands of major public transport companies throughout Europe (such as Eurotunnel), the Quintiq integrated planning and optimization platform will now be used by Tisséo’s team of around 20 planners and stakeholders across four different sites. Quintiq’s 100%-fit solution will help create and improve planning for Tisséo’s 1,400 bus and tram drivers.

The Quintiq solution will help Tisséo better manage its workforce requirements up to one year in advance, based on business constraints such as drivers' skill sets and authorizations, periodic cultural and sporting events, and strict annual leave rules.

Tisséo will now be able to simulate workforce planning scenarios based on anticipated bus and tram network service demand, allowing it to anticipate long-term capacity needs. It will also be able to provide detailed and reliable reporting of planned and actual expenditure to the relevant public authority (Le Syndicat Mixte des Transports en Commun).
We were pleased with the Quintiq team's knowledge of the transport sector and very impressed with the agility and flexibility of the software. The transport sector is one that's highly susceptible to disruptions. With Quintiq, we'll be able to simulate and analyze different scenarios quickly to make the best decisions to overcome these challenges.
Thomas du Crest,
Manager of Transport Operations,
Studies and Methods