• Tribotecc

Tribotecc GmbH is a producer of highly engineered tribological applications based on innovative synthetic solutions and is the world's leading supplier of friction stabilizers based on metal sulfides. It's a subsidiary of Treibacher Industrie AG.

The Quintiq solution provides Tribotecc with improved operational visibility and functionality compared to its current system. Quintiq supports its new article master data structure in Vienna and Arnoldstein, Austria. The Quintiq solution brings real-time visibility to Tribotecc's entire supply chain, as well as the flexibility and functionality to operate according to a specified set of KPIs. Quintiq empowers Tribotecc to:

• Increase productivity and reduce lead time
• Decrease inventory through accurate forecasting and visibility of stock levels
• Sustain costs through optimizing lot sizes and packaging
• Keep delivery performance above 95%

Our new article master data structure could not be modeled in our current software. ... Quintiq won us over by demonstrating its integration capabilities, transparency as well as the flexibility enabling the software to be tailored to process the many specific requirements of both the chemical industry and Tribotecc such as by-products, alternative raw material input, loss, lot optimization and sequencing over various planning horizons.
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