• Van den Bosch Transporten

Van den Bosch Transporten is an international logistics service provider that transports liquid and dry bulk for food and non-food industries. It offers its customers intermodal cargo transport, and operates worldwide with a fleet of 350 trucks, 1,000 trailers and chassis, and over 4,000 containers.

Van den Bosch Transporten uses the Quintiq solution at its liquid chemical road unit to replace multiple planning systems and provide end-to-end transparency of operations.

The Quintiq solution ensures the optimal allocation of orders to containers; and containers to trucks and trailers; and defines optimal paths for load units in the intermodal networks.
By giving us real-time insights into our operations, Quintiq enables us to respond quicker and easier than before. We can now cut costs, better support our customers in their logistics goals and ultimately, elevate our core process of bulk transport to the next level.
Gerard Alders,
Manager ICT & Data Management,
Van den Bosch Transporten.