• Virgin Atlantic Airways

Since its founding in 1984, Virgin Atlantic has become the UK’s second largest long-haul carrier in terms of passenger volume. In 2015, it carried over 5.9 million passengers to 33 destinations worldwide, including North America, the Caribbean, Africa and the Far East. 70% of its flights now serve the transatlantic market.

To offer the best passenger experience while keeping staff happy and delivering cost efficiencies, Virgin Atlantic selected Quintiq to optimize ground staff planning at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 3, the hub of the airline’s operations.

Before, Virgin Atlantic planned its terminal staff using a standalone system and spreadsheets—a method that was isolated and cumbersome. With the Quintiq integrated planning platform, the airline now adopts an innovative demand-driven approach to staff planning – one that takes its lead from the flight schedule to ensure that enough check-in desks are opened so that passengers are served promptly, but not too many that employees are idle and costs rise.

The Quintiq solution will also help Virgin Atlantic cut down on overtime costs by predicting shortages days in advance, and take into account employee preferences such as preferred working hours via an interactive employee portal.
The desire to provide every Virgin Atlantic passenger with a fantastic experience drives everything we do. This is no different. With Quintiq supporting us to improve operational efficiencies, deliver cost savings, and keep our staff happy, we'll be able to focus on innovating and creating new opportunities to serve our passengers even better.
John Bell,
General Manager UK Airports,
Virgin Atlantic Airways