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We work in a world that’s being increasingly disrupted by rapidly growing populations, technology changes, mass customization, tightly regulated markets and accelerated mergers and acquisitions. To survive, thrive and remain sustainable, we need our value chains to be agile and responsive to these changes.

Today’s game-changers are those that embrace the virtual world to drive success in the physical world. Virtual technology takes you from Industry 4.0 to Industry Renaissance — from automation to value creation.

Modeling your value network in the virtual world gives you the flexibility to plan and optimize your business without being constrained by the limitations of your resources or location. With information intelligence, you can make the best decisions to effect enterprise-wide improvements in operational agility, anticipate challenges, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Join us and your peers at the DELMIA Quintiq World Tour 2019 to learn how the virtual world can help you improve operations in the real world.

Highlights from last year’s World Tour

A day of powerful roundtable discussions and collaboration in a highly productive environment. Discover the sights and sounds of Quintiq World Tour 2018, as it kicked off in Melbourne.

How close are we to an Uber-like revolution in the food value chain? Monash Food Innovation Centre's Angeline Achariya talks about the innovations coming to the global food supply chain, and what organizations can do to achieve more with less.

A day of powerful roundtable discussions and collaboration in a highly productive environment. Discover the sights and sounds of Quintiq World Tour 2018 in Perth.

Emilie Ditton from IDC Energy Insights shares her insights about the importance of accessing the right information in order to reliably asses all available resources, and how that can lead to full visibility of the interconnected value chain.

Even the best-laid plans will change. Planners must be prepared to handle any and all disruptions that may pop up in their daily operations. But how can they ensure the accuracy of information coming from their work management systems? Denis Marshment from Advisian Digital talks about the technologies that can help planners with this uncertainty.

Allen Knapp from Rio Tinto talks about the organization’s biggest planning challenges, and how DELMIA Quintiq has led to a more interconnected workflow and better visibility of the entire production line.

A day of powerful presentations, fruitful networking and productive collaborations in a highly productive environment. Discover the sights and sounds of Quintiq World Tour 2018 in Philadelphia.

With over 4,000 flights daily, Southwest Airlines is the largest domestic carrier in the United States. The airline's 60,000-strong workforce serves more than 175 million passengers annually. In this exclusive World Tour 2018 Philadelphia interview, Southwest's director of portfolio, planning & analytics Bryan Sharkey talks about why workforce optimization is a top priority for the airline and the unique management strategies that sets it apart from the competition.

Switching to a new planning and optimization solution can be daunting – especially in an industry where precision, efficiency and reliability cannot be compromised. Aldo Puglisi discusses the importance of data transparency and solution usability in realizing additional value in the intermodal services supply chain.

We live in a world of cacophony, and everybody wants our attention. What can we do to stand out from the crowd? What approaches can we take to secure a competitive advantage in a highly complex and dynamic industry? Get the answers to these questions from Michael Hugos, the co-founder of SCM Globe and author of the highly regarded book Essentials of Supply Chain Management

With a global workforce of 54,000 employees handling 6.3 billion pounds of pork annually, Smithfield Foods is the largest pork producer in the world. In this exclusive World Tour 2018 Philadelphia interview, Smithfield's fresh division supply chain senior director Brian Gordon talks about the unique challenges faced by his company in this fast-moving industry and how DELMIA Quintiq helped make the 'One Smithfield' vision a reality.

In an increasingly connected and fast-moving world, knowledge is everything. Data that is crucial for operations is not usually shared with other parties — but what if sharing data can add value to both the supplier and the customer? Willem Verbakel discusses the importance of data acquisition and transparency in supply chain decision making.

A day of powerful discussions, fruitful networking and productive collaborations in a highly productive environment. Discover the sights and sounds of Quintiq World Tour 2018 in Amsterdam.

Having been certified as a DELMIA Quintiq Platinum Partner since its inception, The Logic Factory has had a long collaborative history with DELMIA Quintiq. In this exclusive interview, The Logic Factory COO Roel van den Broek shares more details on the nature of his company's collaborative work with DELMIA Quintiq.

JBS USA is a leading processor of beef, pork and lamb in the United States. Jim Sehi, the company's IT director for enterprise applications, sheds some light on the biggest planning challenges they've faced, and highlights the benefits that can be obtained by implementing analytics and optimization into a company's planning process.

Falck has an ambitious vision for the future of healthcare: To reinvent — and ultimately transform — the value chain for ambulance services. Pulling this off would require advanced modeling technologies that leverage the full potential of digital innovation. In this exclusive interview, Peter van der Pols, senior vice president of Falck, talks about his company's vision in greater detail.

Viva Energy supplies approximately 25% of the ground fuel demand and 35% of aviation fuel demand in Australia. Felix Ohle of Viva Energy shares his insights of the critical nature of efficient downstream distribution of oil & gas products, and the future challenges on the horizons for organizations in this industry.

Wieland-Werke AG is a leader in the production of semi-finished copper- and copper alloy-based products. The company's partnership with DELMIA Quintiq has been going strong for more than 16 years. In this Quintiq World Tour interview, Wieland-Werke's Markus Pöhler talks about the partnerships, its benefits, and the circumstances that leads to the metals producer setting up a DELMIA Quintiq Center of Excellence.

KLM Catering Services supplies over 50,000 meals for more than 350 flights daily. Willem Verbakel explains how the DELMIA Quintiq solution was instrumental in improving service quality, increasing operational efficiency and boosting productivity.

What contributes to the complexity — and the risk — of global corporate programs? What's on the horizon for companies in the retail and consumer goods sectors? Get the answers to the questions — and more — in this interview with Capgemini's Duncan Prior.

In logistics, reinventing the value chain involves optimizing the processes to be as efficient as possible. Dr Mohammad Ali Seiraffi from Lufthansa Cargo sheds more light on how this affects the largest air cargo carrier in Europe, in this exclusive interview from Quintiq World Tour 2018 Amsterdam.

Since 2014, Quintiq World Tour has brought together decision-makers, practitioners and visionaries across multiple industries. What can attendees gain from attending this annual event? What makes Quintiq World Tour stand out from the rest? Get the answers to these questions — and more — in this interview.

A day of powerful discussions, fruitful networking and productive collaborations in a highly productive environment. Discover the sights and sounds of Quintiq World Tour 2018 in Moscow.

To be a leader, an organization must first become a role model. Securing the future of your business means knowing what's on the minds of your customers, what's coming on the horizon, and what practices are sustainable. Martin Snijder unpacks this in more details, and also talks about the role that technology can play in helping organizations become industry leaders.

A day of powerful discussions, fruitful networking and productive collaborations in a highly productive environment. Discover the sights and sounds of Quintiq World Tour 2018 in Abu Dhabi.

Every detail and every minute counts in cargo handling. To enhance productivity and profits, air cargo handlers need to leverage technology to gain visibility and insight into their operations. Dr Tobias Schulz discusses the importance of real-time visibility and explains how optimization technology enhances objectivity in decision-making.

The oil and gas industry is evolving, with major players adopting technology to optimize operations across the globe. Armi Faizal Awang discusses common challenges faced by oil and gas companies, the importance of managing volatility in operations, and future trends that will impact the industry.

When the stakes are high, you don’t just need a great business optimization solution — you need a great implementation partner. Vladimir Arshinov explains why Slovenian Steel chose the DELMIA Quintiq solution to transform the company’s planning reality — resulting in improved delivery performance, minimized stocking costs and better resource utilization.

In an industry as competitive as the metals sector, Hulamin needed to transform its planning reality as it expanded its operations beyond its home in South Africa. Gerrard de Wet discusses how reinventing the aluminum supply chain was a crucial step in creating value and profits in a volatile and challenging market.

  • The sights and sounds of Quintiq World Tour 2018 Melbourne
  • The future of the food value chain
  • Event highlights: Quintiq World Tour 2018 Perth
  • Maintenance excellence in the energy and mining industries
  • Virtual asset, schedule optimization and execution
  • Planning accuracy
  • Event highlights: Quintiq World Tour 2018 Philadelphia
  • Workforce optimization
  • Rail planning with DELMIA Quintiq
  • Reinventing the value chain
  • Planning for One Smithfield
  • Digitizing data
  • The sights and sounds of Quintiq World Tour 2018 Amsterdam
  • Reinventing the value chain with DELMIA Quintiq
  • Rethinking business in the food industry
  • Consolidating rescue services across the world
  • Efficient distribution in the oil and gas industry
  • DELMIA Quintiq Center of Excellence
  • Manpower and distribution planning
  • Complexities of global corporate programs
  • Supply chain planning for intralogistics
  • Feedback from speakers and attendees
  • The sights and sounds of Quintiq World Tour 2018 Moscow
  • Embracing sustainability
  • The sights and sounds of Quintiq World Tour 2018 Abu Dhabi
  • Decision-making support for cargo handlers
  • Maximizing operations in the oil and gas industry
  • Project implementation with DELMIA Quintiq
  • Reinventing the aluminum value chain

Ebook on Customer Insights

Discover how Hupac, KLM Catering Services, Monash Food Innovation Centre, Slovenian Steel Group Wieland-Werke AG, and Falck are transforming their business to prepare their operations for the future. This ebook also contains links to these customers’ full presentations at last year’s event.

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What attendees say about last year’s event

Leslie O’Regan

Leslie O’Regan

“The speakers and attendees came from all over — supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, food, aircraft, city design, labor planning… The broad spectrum of people using DELMIA Quintiq shows the strength of the software.”

Abdul Razzak Mikati

Abdul Razzak Mikati
Dubai Technology Partners LLC

“Attending the event is a good investment in time. It gives us direct interaction with potential customers and partners. The real-life experiences shared are very valuable.”

Mattia Testi

Mattia Testi
DELMIA Quintiq

”I saw customers talking to other customers, customers talking to prospects and people asking very detailed questions, which clearly shows that they're actually listening and not playing with their phones during presentations. That’s the most genuine sign of interest and satisfaction with an event that you can possibly get.”

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