Your competitors are reporting impressive results

Aluminum production planning and optimization technology is enabling them to make big leaps in a mature industry where small, incremental improvements are the norm.

“Lately, we’ve been seeing record production every year… We have also seen the lowest ever recorded backlog.”
Periklis Tsahageas, Project Manager for Supply Chain Management (SCM) Projects, ELVAL

“Since 2003 we have been enjoying a 45 percent increase in on-time production.”
Mike Domicolo, Operations Support Manager, Novelis

“Our ability to react has significantly improved through the implementation of this collaborative scheduling solution – our people can work much more effectively.”
Gerd Refflinghaus, Manager of Production Planning and Logistics, Aleris Koblenz

What’s their secret?

Find out how your competitors are reducing inventory costs, optimizing production and increasing profits.

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