Case study: How Brussels Airport optimized stand and gate assignments

Brussels Airport handles over 750 aircraft movements and 63,000 passengers in a day.

During busy periods, the availability of airbridges for passengers to board and disembark is scarce. Planes need to park at a distance, causing an inconvenience to passengers, additional bussing costs for airlines, and creating a higher risk of knock-on delays.

Rather than spend millions of dollars to expand the infrastructure, Brussels Airport sought to maximize the use of existing resources.

Taking into account planning complexities like delays and airbridge constraints, DELMIA Quintiq helped Brussels Airport planners achieve overall higher planning efficiency. This helped the airport:

  • Satisfy multiple stakeholders within the company
  • Raise customer service levels
  • Reduce parking fee calculation related complaints by 90%

Find out more about the challenges, solution and results that Brussels Airport achieved with DELMIA Quintiq.

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