Specially for beverage manufacturers: 10 considerations in choosing a supply chain planning solution

Different formulations. Taste preference. Distribution and logistics infrastructure. The complexities in beverage manufacturing makes purchasing a supply chain planning solution a complicated decision. What if you have a handy guide to help you decide?

To make the right supply chain investment, you need to get down to the details:

  • Changes are constant in beverage production. A new taste variant is introduced. A seasonal promotion calls for an increase in package size. Can your solution address the new rules and constraints?
  • The unexpected is to be expected. Lines break down. Equipment fails. Can your solution deal with disruptions and reoptimize the entire supply chain?
  • You have many KPIs. Is your planning software dynamic enough to optimize more than one KPI at the same time?

These and seven other hard-hitting questions you need to ask are addressed in our buyers’ guide. Get the full set when you fill out the short form below.

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