CARe Auto Body decreases lead times and increases employee satisfaction

Dutch auto body shop chain CARe Autoschade (CARe Auto Body) began using ‘CAReView’ – an automated planning system based on DELMIA Quintiq software – back in 2001; but only in certain subsidiaries, while others persevered with generic spreadsheet solutions.

Some years later, CARe made the decision to upgrade CAReView and use it as the basis for a new centralized planning system – and they haven’t looked back since.

Download this case study for all the details on how CARe Auto Body rolled out planning software developed by DELMIA Quintiq across its subsidiaries; a policy that has led to:

  • Better service quality and shorter lead times.
  • Instant, real-time tracking of repairs and associated costs.
  • Lessened employee stress and heightened customer satisfaction.
  • And much more