Ewals Cargo Care collaborates with DELMIA Quintiq to exceed customers' expectations

In 2003, Ewals Cargo Care grew to become a fourth-party logistics (4PL) service provider and needed a more advanced planning solution. One of the challenges of becoming a 4PL included planning the logistics process of more than 1,200 shipments a day.

ECC went in search of a planning partner that could fulfill its 25 essential requirements. Download the case study to find out how DELMIA Quintiq not only met the requirements but helped ECC exceed its cost savings expectations.

  • DELMIA Quintiq’s flexibility was the winning factor
  • DELMIA Quintiq helped ECC’s small team manage 1,200 shipments within the three-hour time frame
  • DELMIA Quintiq helped ECC exceed customers' savings and logistic goals