Case study: How Marquis managed explosive growth with logistics planning

When opportunities come, would you turn them away? Marquis struggled to meet skyrocketing requests for its transportation services when it branched out into crude oil logistics. What started as a comfortable demand for three trains a month jumped up to 30 within just six months.

Manual scheduling created a lot of bottlenecks for Marquis and slowed down decision-making. And two things were overwhelming planning – Marquis still had just two tracks and two tanks. It needed a solution that could be rolled out almost overnight.

DELMIA Quintiq was able to implement a new system for Marquis in less than two weeks. The software was a perfect fit for the company’s growth as it generates what-if scenarios and evaluates them against business KPIs. With the hurdles cleared, and demands met, Marquis is now free to aggressively pursue business expansion.