Sales and operations planning: the current ‘state of the union’

Despite sales and operations planning processes now being in their fourth decade of maturity, they continue to grow in complexity every day. The problem is, in the ever-changing, uncertain business world it’s often difficult for supply chain leaders to stop for a moment, take stock and ask: where are we now?

This report aims to help you do just that, summarizing the ‘state of the union’ of sales and operations and clarifying the role S&OP can play in driving organizational alignment and agility.

Prepared by Lora Cecere, CEO of independent analysts Supply Chain Insights, the report will:

  • Review the current state of S&OP, offering detail on the different stages of maturity and year-on-year developments
  • Explain the impact of S&OP on both organizational alignment and agility – and the metrics used to gauge the effect
  • Provide seven major potholes and pitfalls every business interested in S&OP needs to avoid

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