Everything your competitors already know about supply chain planning – and 3 things they don’t

You have end-to-end visibility of your supply chain. You’re ready for sudden changes in customer demand. You have contingency plans in case of emergency.

That’s great, but your competitors can do all of that, too. To maintain your competitive edge, you need to start looking into expanding your strategic, financial and operations goals across divisions, aligning your divisions to work together towards those common goals. That’s where integrated business planning or IBP comes in. Effective IBP takes operations – and profitability – to a completely new level, but only when integration exists across three dimensions: functional, vertical, and horizontal.

Integrated business planning:

  • ensures an optimal balance between supply and demand
  • provides planners with the information they need to make the best decisions
  • gives C-level managers a comprehensive view of each department’s goals, so they can end redundant and conflicting efforts

This management briefing explains those three dimensions of IBP that you and your people need to know before you can achieve outstanding business performance.