WEBINAR: Logistics Planning & Optimization - Why TMS isn’t enough

When : August 29, 2013

Today’s logistics planners face many challenges in their role of delivering competitive advantage to their organizations. Many have implemented transportation management systems (TMS) in the hope that they can get the upper hand in planning and optimizing supply chains and logistics. But, today’s logistics planning challenges require more forward-thinking, predictive, and comprehensive planning and optimization capabilities than a TMS can provide.

In this live, complimentary webinar Quintiq will present its solutions to the biggest challenges in logistics planning and optimization. This will be followed by a live demo and Q&A.

Join us to learn:

  • The business and technical challenges inherent in logistics planning
  • How to overcome the limitations of transportations management systems
  • How to uncover hidden profit potential with supply chain planning and optimization (SCP&O) software
  • You’ll also get the chance to find out more about the real-life benefits realize by Quintiq customers.

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