Webcast: Coping with complexity of crew scheduling in disruption management

September 29, 2010

View the webcast now and learn in 30 minutes how intelligent (re)scheduling of crew on the day of operations can contribute significantly to cost effective disruption management.

Duration: 30 minutes
Language: English

You can view the webcast now.

Why you should view the Webcast...

Dennis Huisman, associate professor Logistics and Management Science at the Econometric Institute of Erasmus University and part-time consultant at Netherlands Railways (NS) discusses:
  • The value of effective disruption management.
  • The challenges of crew rescheduling on the day of operation.
  • Optimization methods and results at NS

Marcel Dreef, Director Workforce Optimization at Quintiq elaborates on the software capabilities required to support intelligent crew scheduling in terms of:
  • KPI and demand driven planning and (re)scheduling.
  • Managing all company specific business rules, like breaks, union rules and driver skills.
  • Automatically calculating and visualizing the knock on effects of disruptions.

You can view the Webcast now.