Webcast: So you think your S&OP is optimal? Find out how to do even better...

December 14, 2010

Watch the Webcast of the Webinar that was broadcasted live on 14 December and learn in 30 minutes how mature your S&OP is. What is holding companies back to take the next steps?

Experience in a fictitious S&OP business meeting how what-if scenario planning facilitates and drives the next step.

Watch the Webcast now.

Why you should view the Webcast...

Alfons Willemsen, Partner at Involvation, will share the results of an S&OP maturity study recently conducted with 18 market leaders by Involvation and the University of Applied Sciences (HvA), Amsterdam. The following topics will be discussed:
  • Maturity study results
  • Comparison of the results with other S&OP studies (Gartner and Aberdeen)
  • What are the next steps?
  • What is holding companies back to take the next steps?

Jos Braam, Senior Business Consultant at Quintiq, will facilitate a fictitious S&OP business meeting and demonstrate the Quintiq S&OP what-if scenario planning possibilities:
  • Developing Supply & Demand balance
  • Translating planning to financials: CEO & CFO language
  • Dealing with top management questions
  • Running real-time scenarios as effective decision making tool

Watch the Webcast now.