The Fresh Connection - The Ultimate Supply Chain Experience

February 7, 2011
Brisbane, Australia

Are you in for a challenging game? Quintiq sponsors The Fresh Connection, the first international competition for professionals in the field of supply chain management. During this game, which takes six rounds/weeks, you will make strategic and tactical choices as a team. The consequences of your decisions will be calculated by the intelligent software behind the game. These results will form the starting point for the following week.

The competition will begin on February 7th and will end on March 26th 2011. In April 2011 the final event will be a conference and a last battle between the best teams out of the competition.

The best team from the final event is allowed to participate in the international final event in Pisa, Italy. This event will take place on September 9-10, 2011.

If you want to join this ultimate supply chain experience, please visit and register today for this challenging game!