The 7 Pitfalls of Metal Planning and Scheduling Webinar

June 19, 2012

Are you looking to increase efficiency and margins? Understand your competitors' metals production planning mistakes and how to avoid them in order to take your operations to the next level.

July 19, 2012

This webinar gives you the opportunity to learn from a recognized thought leader in the field of production planning in the metals industry, Dr. Victor Allis. Register for The 7 Pitfalls of Metal Planning & Scheduling webinar in order to benefit from his expertise on the following:

  • The significance of dynamic planning horizons
  • The relationship between optimization and advanced material replenishment
  • Planning for and understanding the logic of paired operations
  • Managing transportation constraints

  • Dr. Victor Allis

    As CEO of Quintiq, Dr. Allis has been involved in the analysis and modeling of over 100 metals companies, and has 15 years' experience in this field. He has a deep understanding of the pitfalls and best practices of production planning.