The 12th Annual European 3PL Summit, Amsterdam

When : November 18-20, 2014
Where : Park Plaza, Amsterdam Airport, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The 3PL Summit & Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum is the largest meeting of 3PL Providers and customers in Europe. It features the biggest industry thought leaders and hard-hitting sessions exploring new opportunities, technologies and markets in logistics.

Join Europe’s only C-level logistics event and:

  • Benchmark your strategic plan against the industry and discover if you have a USP customers want to pay for
  • Find out which seemingly futuristic technologies are set to disrupt the logistics industry sooner than you think
  • Ensure you can provide finely tuned logistics services and meet the exacting standards that innovative multichannel retailers and consumers now demand

In line with one of the key summit topics, “3PLs, customer relationships, and how not to be commoditized”, Quintiq will host a 45-minute interactive workshop. Frank Tinschert, Director Logistics EMEA, will present how smart optimization technology provides 3PL operators with competitive advantage. Join us and discover:

  • The extent of potential consequences to any planning decision
  • The importance of putting company KPIs at the center of any plan
  • The limitations of relying on automation alone to optimize a plan
  • Why the best software is one that empowers – rather than replaces – planners

Our experts will also be available at booth 9 to discuss Quintiq’s role in logistics planning and optimization. You can contact Hristina Stefanova or Susanne Lammers to schedule a one-to-one session that addresses your specific business challenges.

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