Webinar: Closing the loop on the S&OP process

When : 11:00AM EST, November 19, 2014
John Sookias

Is your sales and operations planning process leaving money on the table? Are you aware of the gaps in your forecasting but unsure of how you can plug the holes?

Join planning expert John Sookias for a free webinar to learn more about S&OP technology and strategies. Get the tips and techniques you need to enforce S&OP plans while leaving room to adapt to changes.

In this webinar, John will also explore:

  • The importance of having one forecast drive your supply chain
  • The relationship between your volume and financial plans, and how they should work together
  • The best tools to help you narrow the supply-demand gap
  • The connection between S&OP and supply chain planning, and the importance of integrating these processes
  • The best way to link S&OP to the executive business planning process

Don’t miss these must-have tips and more. Join us and discover how you can make better, more profitable decisions.

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