WebinarMastering ATCO planning complexity to ensure safety and increase efficiency – experiences from skyguide

12:00PM CET (Amsterdam), November 24, 2015
Where : Online

Air traffic control officer (ATCO) planning is confined by strict workforce agreements, ever-changing regulations, and high safety standards. On top of that, planners need to consider factors such as fluctuating traffic volumes and the availability of skilled controllers.

How do successful air navigation service providers (ANSPs) manage?

Join skyguide and Quintiq in a two-part webinar on overcoming the complexities in ATCO rostering.

In the first part of the webinar, Quintiq planning expert Jan-Willem van de Weem will delve into the topic of ATCO planning. You’ll learn:

  • The common challenges in ATCO planning and how to overcome them
  • Planning concepts to move towards a 21st century planning
  • The value of an integrated planning platform

Following Jan-Willem’s session, Lorna Herda, head of capacity management at skyguide, will share her experience in implementing a new workforce planning solution. She will explore the advantages gained from working with an integrated planning platform, and talk about:

  • How skyguide’s planning puzzle changed over time and why
  • Objectives of the new planning solution
  • What is important when adopting a new planning solution
  • What has changed at skyguide after implementation

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Lorna Herda Lorna Herda is project manager at skyguide, as well as the head of the Capacity Management team, whose duty is to forecast, plan and optimize the use of airspace capacity-related resources, and to develop and maintain software tools for air traffic flow and capacity management. Her extensive experience also includes performing feasibility studies of airspace and airport concepts. Lorna holds a Ph.D. in computer vision and graphics from Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne.

Jan-Willem Jan-Willem is a senior consultant for the solutions team at Quintiq EMEA. He has experience in designing planning solutions for a number of ANSP organizations and is responsible for the design and implementation of workforce optimization solutions in various industries. Jan-Willem holds a master’s degree in information management from Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

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