Overcoming the challenges that make or break your field service operations

When : October 29, 2015
Where : Online

Field service managers face countless decisions each day to match people with the right skills and equipment, with the right jobs. What does it take to overcome the planning hurdles standing in the way of your most efficient field operations?

Join workforce planning experts Doug Pollard and Pete Nelson this October 29 and learn:

  • The challenges that can make or break your service operations
  • The keys to aligning your field workers, equipment, and inventory for maximum efficiency
  • How to make optimal decisions using an intelligent multi-resource planning system

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About the presenters

Doug Pollard - Business Unit Director, Workforce Group
Doug helps service organizations solve their most challenging business puzzles, and ultimately improve the performance and financial health of their organization. His leadership has helped guide organizational planning decisions that reduce downtime, lower overtime costs, and boost worker productivity.

Pete Nelson - Solutions Architect, Workforce Group
Pete has helped hundreds of clients in the last 20 years purchase and implement planning and scheduling systems to improve processes and outcomes in their organizations. He provides invaluable support to clients in resource planning, where improvements would be most effective.

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