Postal Innovation Platform (PIP) Conference 2015

The new postal system – markets and opportunities
When : September 10-11, 2015
Where : Warwick Hotel
14 rue de Lausanne
1201 Geneva, Switzerland

The days of traditional mail may well be on the way out but the future remains exciting. The customers are still around, however, their needs and demands have changed. The service providers that understand these new needs and reinvent their strategies are the ones that will survive and thrive, even in this digital age.

Join the postal industry’s senior executives and opinion leaders in this 2-day presentation of innovative ideas and solutions to the business’ most pressing issues. This year’s conference will focus on six main areas:

  • the parcel delivery value chain
  • eCommerce
  • addressing
  • postal services in the digital age
  • city logistics
  • innovation management

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Arjen Heeres
Don’t miss the keynote presentation by Quintiq COO Arjen Heeres on rethinking the parcel delivery value chain. He will talk about:
1. Using optimization to bring agility and efficiency to your operations
2. Combining optimization with decision-support to produce the best plans

Our experts will also be there to showcase our next generation optimization technologies and discuss the value we bring to supply chain planning and optimization. Find opportunities for improvement within the unique processes and challenges of your business. Book a one-to-one session with an expert by filling out the form on the right.

For more information, please contact:

Melanie Oeldorf
Quintiq GmbH
Marketing Executive
[email protected]
+49 152 215 754 98

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