WebinarEfficient airline crew scheduling in the face of disruptions

When: 10:00 EDT, September 10, 2015

Airlines and airports need to perform efficiently every day of the year. However, disruptions are inevitable in airport operations. From the first passenger check-in to the last flight of the day, each step has its challenges.

Airline personnel need to react quickly to these challenges while ensuring the safe and efficient movement of passengers and cargo. But how can you achieve efficient crew scheduling without disruptions getting in the way?

Join workforce planning experts Massoud Bazargan and Edwin Lohmann for an exclusive webinar on airline and airport ground crew scheduling and learn:

  • The challenges of crew scheduling and how to overcome them
  • The effect of slow reaction times on operations
  • How to react to disruptions quickly

Massoud Bazargan Massoud Bazargan is a professor of production operations and associate dean of research at the College of Business at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He is the author of “Airline Operations & Scheduling” and is a regular contributor to many international journal publications. He holds a PhD in mechanical and manufacturing engineering from the University of New South Wales.

Edwin Lohmann Edwin Lohmann is the business unit director for the workforce planning group at Quintiq North America. He leads a team focused on solving some of the most complex workforce optimization challenges in the world. His specialty includes operations research, optimization, and game theory. Edwin holds a PhD in game theory from Tilburg University.

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