600Minutes Supply Chain and Procurement

When : November 10, 2016
Where : Radisson Blu Hotel Alna
Tevlingveien 21
1081 Oslo

Big data, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence. How are you using the latest technology to your advantage?

Join Quintiq at the 600Minutes Supply Chain and Procurement event in Oslo to learn about the latest planning innovations, business trends and opportunities. Plus, get answers to your biggest planning questions such as:
  • How should I manage my supply chain in the digital age?
  • What is digital disruption and what opportunities can I capture?
  • How can I improve customer satisfaction through better supply chain performance?
  • What is the value in integrating my supply chains?
  • How should I go about selecting a solution provider?

Our consultants will be there to answer and discuss your planning challenges. You may schedule a one-on-one meeting through the 600minutes website.

For more information, please contact:
Silja Hämäläinen
Marketing Executive
Tel: +358 46 870 2163
[email protected]