WebinarCapacity planning: Bringing order to chaos

When: 1:00 – 2:00PM ET; December 1, 2016
Where: Online, hosted by Supply Chain and Demand Executive (SDCE)

It's an ever demanding and fast-paced world. With heightened data volumes and customer expectations, coupled with the pressure for faster growth and decision making — how do you make sense of all the chaos and deliver on your commitments to stay ahead?

Please join John Rogelstad, a product manager at Quintiq, in this webinar where he will walk you through each of the major steps of effective capacity planning. Find out why these details are crucial to customer success, and how an intelligent capacity planning solution can understand your supply chain and support your goals for superior delivery performance, customer satisfaction and profitability.

John will also share his insights on capacity planning best practices, such as:

  • Why you should drive toward business goals, not business rules
  • The importance of having the flexibility to adapt to constant changes and disruptions
  • How to make smarter decisions through increased visibility of your entire supply chain
  • How to automate and optimize, while also empower your planners

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About John Rogelstad

John Rogelstad is a product manager at Quintiq, where he helps companies optimize and solve supply chain planning puzzles. Within this role, he is focused on bringing manufacturers solutions around master production scheduling, material requirements planning, advance planning and scheduling and availability-to-promise. With over 20 years in supply chain and manufacturing, his experience spans from working on the shop floor to managing plants and driving strategy and efficiency to improve the production process. As a result, John elicits a personal passion for connecting the everyday realities of the manufacturing process and supply chain with technical solutions used to solve the most complex planning problems. To date, he has worked with a diverse community of clients including over 200 manufacturers, from both process and discrete manufacturing and a variety of industries such as apparel, automotive, high-tech, CPG, engineered components F&B and industrial manufacturing.

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