WebinarCatalyze your S&OP process with Quintiq

When : 16.00 – 17.00 CET, June 28, 2016
Where : Online

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Sales and operations planning in the chemicals industry is a complex problem. Management of catalysts, recipe optimization, differences of inflow and outflow, efficient batch sizing, and sustainability are just a few of the many challenges producers face.

S&OP becomes even more complex when you factor in collaboration within the organization, and with external customers and suppliers. Real-time visibility and flexibility are needed to increase productivity, reduce lead time, decrease inventory levels, and improve delivery performance.

Join us for this webinar on S&OP in the chemicals industry, organized in partnership with Involvation, and get the strategies you need to:

  • Reach a consensus forecast by collaboration
  • Turn information overload into an information advantage
  • Support management by exception
  • Use scenarios and KPIs to analyze the effect of upside forecast and what-if scenarios.

About Geoff Locket
Geoff Locket is a senior consultant (manufacturing business unit EMEA) at Quintiq. Before this, he was a consulting services lead at Infor and held senior SCP consultancy and project management positions at Finmatica and Mercia respectively. In the past 20 years, Geoff has worked with many clients — including NXP and Teijin — to develop fully integrated demand planning, S&OP, and IBP solutions. These solutions offer clients end-to-end supply chain visibility, analysis, and control to meet their long-term strategic objectives. Geoff has a B-Eng in Electronic Engineering & Computer Science and is a member of the BCS.

About Hans van der Drift
Hans van der Drift is a partner at Involvation, a consultancy and implementation firm that has developed a highly effective approach to the design and implementation of the S&OP process. The company is always on the lookout for innovative ways to better support their customers in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, retail, and FMCG. Before going into business consultancy in 2008, Hans had broad experience working in chemicals, food, retail, warehousing, and distribution. As a partner at Involvation, he leads a large number of supply chain improvement projects and the development of new advisory services.

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