WebinarConquering last mile delivery with dynamic routing and delivery demand shaping

When : 1:00PM – 2:00PM ET; August 17, 2016
Where : Online

The verdict is in: Customers want faster delivery but are often unwilling to spend more. Yet, many retailers are struggling to stay ahead of the competition with inefficient and costly methods of route planning that are incapable of meeting escalating customer expectations. Is there a better way?

Join planning experts Marcus Anderson and John Sandlin on August 17 for a webinar on efficient last mile delivery planning and find out how you can cut transportation costs and offer competitive delivery options with your existing resources. Plus, get an in-depth look at Quintiq’s new dynamic planning and delivery demand shaping solutions — powered by leading-edge optimization technologies.

You’ll leave this webinar with the knowledge to transform your logistics operation into a premium, profitable service, which includes:

  • Delivering on time in flexible slots
  • Communicating better with your customers
  • Improving the efficiency of your delivery schedules

About Marcus Anderson
Marcus Anderson is a solution architect at Quintiq. He is an IT professional with over 15 years of technical consulting experience spanning many industry verticals including hi-tech, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and defense, consumer retail, and telecommunications.

About John Sandlin
John Sandlin is an account executive at Quintiq. He has been helping businesses achieve their goals through technology for over 10 years and has deep expertise supply chain management, strategy execution, balanced scorecards, performance management, Six Sigma/LEAN, and more. John holds an MBA from Indiana University.

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