WebinarCreating a winning rail franchise bid 2: Unit planning

How to gain competitive advantage in franchise bidding by optimizing your unit plans
When : 10:00 – 10:30 GMT (London),
11:00 – 11:30 CET (Amsterdam);
December 8, 2016
Where : Online

UK bidding specialist Alan Erskine returns with a second webinar on creating a winning rail franchise bid. Missed the first webinar on optimal crew planning? Watch it here.

The challenge
As more rail operations are privatized, the increasing number of opportunities for franchise bidding is changing the playing field. Simply creating a compliant bid is no longer enough. To be fully competitive, bids must examine a wide range of operating scenarios and strategies. Do you have the system to cope?

Find your second competitive edge
Join Alan in this webinar and explore how optimal unit planning — second only to your crew in terms of costs — can help you deliver a high level of service while keeping operational costs low and making your plans more resilient.

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About Alan Erskine
Alan has several years of consulting experience in the rail market and franchise bidding. He is sought after for his expertise in workforce planning and resource management. Alan has led a wide range of successful assignments for investors, infrastructure owners and operators across all transport modes. In the UK, he recently led the workforce planning element of a number of rail franchise bids.

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