Crew fatigue management: Planning reliable service and safety

When : 1:30 PM EST | March 23, 2016
Where : Online

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With safety at the forefront for passenger rail companies, fatigue management is quickly becoming a critical concern for their operations. But navigating the complex web of rules and regulations on crew hours-of-service is becoming harder to manage, and costlier to ignore.

How can rail operators balance the need for safer work schedules for their crew and passengers, while still maintaining high standards of service and on-time performance?

Join us for a webinar to discuss:

  • The hidden costs of crew hours-of-service regulations for rail companies
  • How dispatchers can fix crew violations before they occur
  • The optimized approach to keeping service levels high, while keeping violations down

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About the presenters

Dan Crown – Business Unit Director, Quintiq
With over 15 years’ experience leading the design and development of solutions for transportation organizations, Dan is well-versed in the rules and regulations and that rail operators must account for when developing operational plans. As a business unit director for Quintiq, he has worked with passenger rail operators to develop solutions that give them full visibility of their workforce and help them better manage and monitor safety conditions. Dan has also led numerous implementations for organizations in the cargo rail, airline, and commercial trucking industries.

Pete Nelson - Solutions Architect, Quintiq
Pete has helped hundreds of clients in the last 20 years purchase and implement planning and scheduling systems to improve processes and outcomes in their organizations. As a solutions architect for Quintiq, Pete helps clients focus on areas in resource planning where improvements will be most effective, and clarifies the steps necessary to achieve great results. He strives to be a thought leader in resolving difficult planning puzzles.

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Crew fatigue management: Planning reliable service and safety