WebinarDemand planning: Making sense of data, opinions and history

When : 10:30AM – 11:15AM CEST (Amsterdam); September 15, 2016
Where : Online

The challenges facing demand planning in the container shipping industry have changed, and we need to revisit the role technology plays to better understand the benefits it brings.

Join planning expert Shaun Joughin in this webinar and get the answers to the big questions in demand planning, such as:

  • What is important in a demand planning solution and why it should be part of your integrated process and toolset?
  • How does demand planning support other processes such as price optimization and network design?
  • How can you deal with the unrelated factors and unwanted noise that prevent you from gaining a clear picture of the future?
  • What do you need to create a robust demand forecasting process to deal with many dynamic information streams?

You’ll explore the challenges, trends, and solutions in demand forecasting within the shipping industry and discover the latest approaches in capturing and interpreting the ever-growing volume of data in your business.

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About Shaun Joughin
Shaun Joughin is a senior logistics consultant at Quintiq EMEA. He is a planning expert in various segments of the logistics industry including postal, maritime, and intermodal transport. But Shaun’s passion lies with the maritime sector, where he has been helping companies improve their bottom line through improved planning on both the landside and shipping areas of the transportation market. He holds a degree in mathematics from Durham University in the UK.

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