WebinarJuggling ships: How to keep your cargo and vessels moving efficiently

When : 10:30AM — 11:00AM CET (Amsterdam); November 24, 2016
Where : Online

Cost, yield, utilization — these three words keep vessel planners awake at night. And it’s easy to see why.

Planners need to determine the allocation and movement of vessels within complex networks while satisfying the needs of multiple stakeholders. And they have to handle disturbances well by evaluating multiple scenarios quickly, just to keep costs low. Sound familiar?

Then you don’t want to miss this webinar by logistics expert Shaun Joughin. He’ll explore the many challenges shipping organizations face today and show you how you can:

  • Consider many different options within a short period
  • Measure the impact of cost against other variables and select the best option rather than committing to the first solution that looks feasible
  • Speed up and boost your decision-making confidence within the appropriate time horizons

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About Shaun Joughin

Shaun Joughin is a senior logistics consultant at Quintiq EMEA. He is a planning expert in various segments of the logistics industry including postal, maritime, and intermodal transport. But Shaun’s passion lies with the maritime sector, where he has been helping companies improve their bottom line through improved planning on both the landside and shipping areas of the transportation market. He holds a degree in mathematics from Durham University in the UK.

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