WebinarPlanning for tomorrow’s last mile

When : 2:00PM – 3:00PM EST; December 1, 2016
Where : Online, hosted by Logistics Management

Customers want faster delivery but are often unwilling to spend more. Yet, many retailers are struggling to stay ahead of the competition with inefficient and costly methods of route planning that are incapable of meeting escalating customer expectations. Is there a better way?

Join us in taking a look at the future of the last mile to explore where retailers are going to make delivery planning changes and find out how you can cut transportation costs and offer competitive delivery options with your existing resources.

Plus, get an in-depth look at Quintiq’s new dynamic planning and delivery demand shaping solutions – powered by leading-edge optimization technologies.

You’ll leave this webinar with the knowledge to transform your logistics operation into a premium, profitable service, which includes:

  • Increasing the efficiency of your delivery schedules
  • Delivering on time in flexible slots
  • Improving your customers’ satisfaction

About the presenters

About Robert Oliver

Robert Oliver is a solution architect at Quintiq. He is an IT industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience. His specialties include professional services, enterprise software and SaaS. Robert holds a BBA in computer and information science from Temple University.

About Adam Gottfried

Adam Gottfried is the logistics business unit director at Quintiq North America. He has over 14 years of management and operations experience, with a focus on delivering value through technology, business processes and change management. Adam holds a BS in marketing from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University.

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