WebinarPredictive Analytics for Demand Planning: What can it do for your organization?

When : 12:00PM–1:00PM CT, August 10, 2016
Where : Online

Demand planning plays a vital role in business, and yet its full potential is seldom realized. Important decisions are often made based on the intuition of a few executives from various departments, with little to no analytics involved.

To excel, companies need to take the guesswork out of their demand planning process and move beyond making decisions based on historical data. That’s where predictive analytics comes in.

Join this webinar and discover how you can boost decision-making accuracy, make sense of big data, and even shape demand. Presented by our expert Dr Edwin de Jong, you’ll explore the many applications of predictive analytics in the context of demand planning, such as:

  • Price optimization: Predicting the effects of price changes on demand and vice versa
  • Event impact analysis: Predicting the effect of different types of events, campaigns, and promotions based on historical event data
  • Forecasting level analysis: Optimizing the hierarchical level in which statistical forecasting is performed
  • Automatic hierarchy identification: Data-driven adaptation and optimization of forecasting hierarchies

This webinar will give you a clear understanding of what an optimized demand planning process can do for you, the next steps to get there, and a live Q&A session with our expert who will answer all your questions.

About Edwin

Dr Edwin de Jong is an innovator, researcher and technology architect. He is the head of predictive analytics technology at Quintiq, and has led the development of the Quintiq Demand Planner, a core part of the Quintiq S&OP solution, since 2012. Edwin has been developing new ideas, technologies and products in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence throughout his career. After completing his MSc in Technical Computer Science from Delft University of Technology and a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from the VUB AI Lab, Edwin started his work in machine learning research as a Fulbright Scholar at Brandeis University in Boston. He has published over 60 technical articles and is a co-founder of the data mining company, Adapticon, which develops and deploys innovative forecasting technology.

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