Pricing outside the box: Dynamic price optimization in container shipping

When : 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM CET, April 19, 2016
Where : Online

Container shipping companies are finding it tough to survive, let alone get ahead, in today’s volatile marketplace. Stagnant freight rates and overcapacity has led to cost cuts, further hindering growth. But there is a smarter, more profitable solution - price optimization.

In this webinar, maritime planning expert Shaun Joughin will show you how to use pricing as a profit lever to maximize revenue, increase margins, and return your company back to profit. Register now and find out:

  • Why dynamic pricing is important now more than ever
  • The role technology plays and the benefits it brings
  • What to look for in a price optimization solution

This webinar will also feature an extensive dynamic pricing demo in the Quintiq platform, and a live Q&A session with Shaun who will answer all your questions.

Watch the recording

About Shaun Joughin
Shaun Joughin is a senior logistics consultant at Quintiq EMEA. He is a planning expert in various segments of the logistics industry including postal, maritime, and intermodal transport. But Shaun’s passion lies with the maritime sector, where he has been helping companies improve their bottom line through improved planning on both the landside and shipping aspects of the global container market. He holds a degree in mathematics from Durham University in the UK.

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