From the ground up: Two big ideas for improving aviation ground resource planning

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Part 1: 3:30PM CET / 10.30AM EST, April 19, 2016
Part 2: 3:30PM CET / 9.30AM EST, May 12, 2016
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Efficient ground operations, both in the terminal and on the apron, are key to minimizing flight delays and delivering excellent passenger experiences. But seamless execution always begins with smarter planning. How can airlines ensure that their operational plans are cost effective while keeping service levels high?

Join aviation experts Uri Schlafrig, Senior Aviation Solutions Consultant, Quintiq; and Dr. Edwin Lohmann, Director Workforce Planning, Quintiq as they discuss two big ideas that airlines, airports and ground handlers can use to optimize the use of their ground crew and resources in this exclusive and free two-part webinar series.

Topic: Moving to true schedule-driven ground resource planning

When: 3:30PM CET / 9.30AM EST, May 12, 2016

How do you make sure that you’re making the best decisions about your ground resources? Are you sticking to “what’s always worked?” Or do you use your real-time flight data to forecast the future and align resource schedules to demand?

In this webinar, learn strategies to move beyond “gut feelings” to a truly data-centric approach to ground resource planning: from how to use your flight schedule to build optimal crew rosters, to understanding the impact of your decisions on key business goals.

About Dr. Edwin Lohmann
Edwin Lohmann is the business unit director for the workforce planning group at Quintiq North America. He leads a team focused on solving some of the most complex workforce optimization challenges in the world. His specialty includes operations research, optimization, and game theory. Edwin holds a Ph.D. in game theory from Tilburg University.

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