15th Annual 3PL Summit & Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum

October 16 – 18, 2017
Where : De Maaspoort,
Oude Markt 30,
5911 HH,
Venlo, the Netherlands

How can 3PL providers thrive in the face of uncertainty? What decisions must you take now for the next revolution in supply chain?

These are the questions that will be on everyone’s minds at the 15th European 3PL Summit, the region’s largest meeting of 3PL executives.

More than 400 logistics and supply chain leaders from 14 countries will be coming together in Venlo this October to discuss the industry’s future. One that’s currently facing a paradigm shift due to the emergence of autonomous vehicles, deregulation, rapid advancements in automation and AI, and economic uncertainty in Europe.

You will explore:

  • How new technology and disruption are transforming the face of logistics
  • The economic, political and market drivers of logistics
  • The power dynamics of the 3PL-shipper relationship

Catch Quintiq senior algorithm expert Lieke Schreurs at the event to discover the details on how best to improve your supply chain. She will also be sharing insights on leveraging optimization technology in order to handle disruptions quickly and keep your customers satisfied.

Drop by our booth for a fresh perspective of your business through the lens of Quintiq’s technologies. Our experts will be on hand to answer and discuss your planning challenges. You may also schedule a 1:1 meeting now via the form on the right.

For more information please contact:

Alice Berthier
Marketing & iSales Manager
+33 6 18 25 30 01
[email protected]

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