Airport Solutions Indonesia 2017

December 6 - 7, 2017
Where : Jakarta Convention Center
Jakarta 10270

Air travel volume is on the rise, and the number of passengers are expected to double by 2034. Thanks to the growing demand for both domestic and international air travel, airport infrastructure is now rapidly developing. This results in a need for airport upgrades and brand new facilities. Organizations are now asking themselves: What are passengers looking for, and how close are they to meeting those expectations?

Airport Solution Indonesia 2017 aims to answer those questions by providing a platform to connect suppliers with key stakeholders, while assessing key issues and solutions in the industry. Industry players, like Quintiq, will be able to share the latest strategies, review technologies and learn about cutting-edge trends in the passenger experience track of this event.

Don't miss our aviation planning presentation by our managing consultant Yusman Yunos on December 6. He will share exclusive insights on how organizations can create efficient passenger-friendly plans that ensure optimal utilization of all available resources without sacrificing passenger experience. He will also provide a detailed showcase on how Quintiq can help you optimize planning of your fixed resources to improve connection times and service levels, prevent congestion and reduce operational costs.

Get the most out of your visit by joining us at our booth at D24 and drop in your name card to receive a surprise gift.* Our planning experts, led by Quintiq business unit director Loi Yew Cheng, will be on hand to provide tailored, actionable advice with a product demo of our aviation planning solutions.

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* Surprise gift is limited to the first 50 visitors.

About the presenter

Yusman Yunos
Managing Consultant, Dassault Systèmes
Yusman Yunos works with the solutions team to develop planning and optimization solutions for a variety of industries such as retail, maritime, and oil and gas. He has worked to deliver supply chain technologies and solutions throughout the Asia Pacific over the last 13 years. Yusman holds a bachelor’s degree in business computing from RMIT University.

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Marie Delphine Achille
Senior Marketing Executive
[email protected]

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