3 ways to boost rail efficiency without expanding your network

December 19, 2017
10:30AM - 11:00AM CET
For rail operators dealing with slow-paced infrastructure expansion, this much is clear: Lasting efficiency gains won’t come from expanding the size of your network.

Fixed network constraints mean that rail planners need to find other areas of improvement to increase efficiency, service levels, and on-time performance.

Join Quintiq for a webinar on rail efficiency and get cost-effective strategies that improve operational performance — without expanding your rail network. Find out what it takes to:

  • Boost timetable robustness and ability to respond to day-of-operations disruptions
  • Optimize crew and rolling stock utilization
  • Align train services to passenger demand
About the presenter
Sara Gifford, Chief Solutions Officer, Quintiq

For over 10 years at Quintiq, Sara has led large-scale implementations for some of the company’s biggest customers in North America. This includes large passenger rail organizations and other transportation industries such as freight rail, airlines and air traffic control. As Quintiq’s chief solutions officer, she has led the direction of Quintiq's Public Transport Planner solution to align product capabilities with trends in the rail and public transport industry, and to allow organizations to optimize their operations through integrated planning.