WebinarDynamic routing for operational excellence in the postal and parcel supply chain

When: 2:00PM – 3:00PM ET, May 24, 2017
Where: Online

Declining mail volumes, rising customer expectations, tighter environmental regulations and other changes in the marketplace are eating into the bottom lines of postal operators everywhere. But could there be a solution that didn’t require big capital investments?

Moving from static to dynamic route planning is a surefire way to overcome these challenges. It is the basis for agile operations, flexible services, and higher customer satisfaction. With dynamic route planning, you will be able to re-plan in real-time, offer shorter delivery windows, and re-route parcels on short notice.

Join postal planning expert Martin Thesling in this upcoming webinar and find out:

  • What it takes to optimize postal and parcel supply chain planning across all horizons
  • The route planning myths that may be costing you time and money
  • How to best optimize your network of distribution centers

About Martin Thesling
Martin Thesling is a consultant for the logistics business unit at Quintiq EMEA. He is an expert on various segments of the logistics industry including postal, maritime, mining, and intermodal transport planning. Martin has worked on complex projects with customers such as Rhenus Logistics and DHL Express. He holds master’s degrees in operations research and mathematical economics from Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

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