Encouraging agility in delivery:
innovation in post & parcels

September 19, 2017
12:00PM - 1:00PM BST
Customer expectations are rising across every industry as a result of innovative start-ups and technological advances. The post and parcel sector has faced particularly acute pressures, with new competitors offering additional services and customers demanding faster and more reliable offerings.

From the ability to change delivery details in real-time to providing new services like waste collection, the possibilities are endless. It is vital that postal and parcel operators take the opportunities provided by technology to offer new services.

Join our expert Francois Eijgelshoven and other industry leaders as they discuss how customer expectations are changing, what new services postal and parcel operators could provide, and how technology could allow them to take advantage of this potential. Combining their expertise and knowledge as leaders at Secured Mail, Whistl, Jersey Post and Quintiq, they will be answering the most pressing questions in the industry, such as:

  • How are customer expectations of postal operators changing as a result of innovations in other sectors?
  • What more can be done with the workforce that the industry already has?
  • How can technology help in delivering integrated services to customers?
  • How important are scalable and adaptable operational strategies?

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About the presenters
Francois Eijgelshoven, General Manager for EMEA-Russia, Quintiq

Francois Eijgelshoven is general manager for the EMEA-Russia region at Quintiq. He is responsible for Quintiq in the metals manufacturing, logistics and oil & gas sectors, as well as the Nordic region across all industries. Francois holds an MSc in industrial engineering and management science, with a major in international logistics, from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Francois joined Quintiq in 2001 and rose through the ranks to become director of the metals & manufacturing business unit in 2005. He strengthened the business unit’s presence, particularly in the semi-process and discrete industries, across various geographical locations.

Mark Bigley, CEO, Secured Mail

Mark Bigley is the CEO of Secured Mail, a business he founded in 2005 and entered the UK postal market at the start of full liberalization in 2006. During the past 6 years, Secured Mail has grown to become one of the UK’s largest postal operators, supplying postal services to a range of household names including Amazon, British Gas and Tesco. In 2012 Secured Mail completed the acquisition of DHL’s UK domestic postal business, a move that further strengthened its position within the market. Secured Mail continues to innovate and develop customer-facing products that add significant value to Post as a core communication tool whilst maintaining a clear commercial focus.

Jonathan Matchett, Director of International, Whistl

Jonathan Matchett is Director of International at Whistl, the UK’s second largest postal company. His remit is to grow the company’s international mail and parcel volumes, both outbound and inbound. Prior to joining Whistl, Jonathan was UK Managing Director of the cross-border e-commerce specialist wnDirect. He has over two decades of experience working with major retail brands including eBay, Next, Tesco, DSG International and Marks & Spencer.

Michael McNally, Head of International Development, Jersey Post

Michael McNally has been involved with the rapidly changing landscape of cross-border trading for the past 17 years. He is experienced in the worldwide postal, parcels, fulfilment and supply chain logistics sectors. Michael is responsible for the coordination of the Jersey Post Global overseas activity in the USA, Hong Kong, UK and Central Europe. He has considerable experience in Customs procedures and negotiating cross border agreements with postal and customs authorities to simplify entry requirements to the benefit of traders and consumers.