WebinarGenerating value by integrating oil and gas logistics planning

When: 12:15PM - 12.45PM CEST, September 14, 2017
Where: Online

Logistics is inherently dependent on other parts of the oil and gas supply chain, whether it’s source availability, production capacity or available transport. Taking these inputs as a ‘given’ can end up constraining the intrinsic value of the oil and gas logistics puzzle. How can you overcome this constraint in order to generate even more value?

Join our webinar and discover how to:

  • Plan production and logistics simultaneously to avoid inventory issues and ultimately flaring
  • Meet demand and create capacity to take advantage of spot buy/sell opportunities
  • Optimize planning across operations to generate the most value

This webinar is the second in a series of three, where we explore how optimized planning can enable you to excel despite the inherent challenges within the oil and gas industry.

Register now for the third webinar or revisit the first one through the following links:

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Webinar 3: Delivering win-win value in oil and gas: The final piece of the puzzle

About Egbert Stuit

Egbert Stuit is an oil and gas industry professional whose career at Royal Dutch Shell spanned 25 years. During this time he successfully managed and implemented a range of projects in the areas of business improvement, change management, IT, and value management.

About Ian Tootell

Ian Tootell has been with Quintiq for over eight years and is a supply chain planning and optimization expert within the oil and gas business. He helps clients increase their competitive advantage through smarter planning.

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Seonad Lindsay
Senior Marketing Executive
[email protected]

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