WebinarIs Least Cost Formulation Enough?
How do you plan for your supply chain based on your optimal product mix?

When: 11:30AM EST, May 18, 2017
Where : Online

As advances are made in any field, old methods and processes must be abandoned to ensure that growth and profits are maximized — and manufacturing is no exception. While least-cost formulation (LCF) may have been sufficient at one time, we’ve reached the point where it’s simply not enough. How do you plan your supply chain to optimize your product mix? What can you do to guarantee you’re not leaving money on the table?

In this webinar, Quintiq solution architects Walt Bednarz and Mark Reissig will answer these questions and more. Whether for food processing, metals or any other manufacturing field, Walt and Mark aim to show you how to make the smartest decisions, and reach the highest profitability levels for your business.

Join us May 18th and see how leaders within the manufacturing industry are using these tools to stay ahead of the curve and taking their least cost formulation one step further.

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About the speakers:
Mark Reissig and Walt Bednarz, solution architects at Quintiq, a Dassault Systèmes company, provide pre-sales support to the North American manufacturing business unit. With their extensive knowledge base and experience within the industry, Mark and Walt provide powerful insight to food and metals manufacturers worldwide.

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