Planning to capacity: Maintaining complete visibility of your complex, multi-site supply chains

October 11, 2017
11:30AM – 12:30PM ET
Does your capacity plan consider all capacities, not just internal resources? When it comes to multi-site production planning, do you have a single view of all of your operations? If you are capacity constrained, are you making the right product mix? As industry trends and complexities continue to disrupt your daily processes, it is crucial that your capacity planning has the ability to stay ahead and ensure that your growth and profit margins are maximized.

In this webinar, Walt Bednarz, solution architect for the manufacturing industry, will answer key questions regarding your unique supply chain constraints and how you can optimize your production and capacity planning to maximize your business.

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About the presenter
Walt Bednarz, Solution Architect (BUNA), Quintiq

Walt Bednarz provides pre-sales support to the North American manufacturing business unit. He helps companies identify gaps in their supply chain and planning processes, and work with them to develop a solution utilizing Quintiq software. With his knowledge base and expertise within the industry, Walt provides powerful insights to food, metals and agricultural manufacturers worldwide.