WebinarMaximize your LTL Driver adherence with real-time feedback

When : 2:00-3:00PM EDT; May 4, 2017
Where : Online

The future of the Less-Than-Load shipping industry is full of potential, both in terms of growth and problems. Trucking companies have no shortage of challenges in their way, including regulations, driver shortages and rising transportation rates. How can large LTL carriers best adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape, and secure a position of competitive strength?

In this webinar, get the answers directly from two of Quintiq’s finest: Peter Shin (Business Unit Director of Logistics North America) and Marcus Anderson (solution architect). They will share their thoughts on managing city pickup and delivery, as well as driver tracking, with an optimized planning solution. With almost three decades of experience between them, this session will be packed with valuable insights and advice.

Peter and Marcus will draw from various projects to share how a Quintiq platform can benefit your company. Quintiq has been able to help large LTL companies optimize the scheduling of city fleets, as well as the routing of standard, accelerated and time-critical shipments around the globe.

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About Peter Shin

Peter Shin is the logistics business unit director at Quintiq North America. He has over 10 years of experience in operations research, with a focus on delivering value through technology, business processes, and change management. Peter holds a BS in industrial engineering from Purdue University.

About Marcus Anderson

Marcus is a solution architect at Quintiq. He has over 15 years of technical consulting experience in a number of industry verticals including hi-tech, medical devices, pharmaceutical, aerospace and defense, consumer retail and telecommunications.

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