Meeting the challenge of complexity in the protein supply chain

September 27, 2017
12:00PM - 1:00PM AEST
From farm to fork, the protein industry is an inherently complex and dynamic supply chain. With current industry trends such as export growth, rising consumer expectations and traceability the challenges and complexity of this industry has only escalated.

For meat producers, disassembly and processing take place at different sites and even in different companies. Changes to one department still directly affect the other. In most cases there is a disconnect and siloed approach in the supply chain. Meat producers risk taking big losses in terms of results and margins as well as negatively impacting KPIs.

In this webinar jointly presented by Quintiq senior advisor Lee Hochberg and Fujitsu principal consultant Rob Cattley, we'll explore some of the biggest supply chain challenges in the meat processing industry and share insights on how meat producers can:

  • Enable real-time visibility of your surpluses and deficits to boost customer satisfaction
  • Maximize the efficiency of processing operations
  • Reduce sourcing costs, inventories, work in progress and prevent obsolete stocks

Join us on September 27 and discover a path to greater profitability and improved service levels. Secure your spot by signing up today.
About the presenters
Lee Hochberg, Senior Advisor — Integrated Supply Chain Planning & Optimization, Quintiq

Lee Hochberg has been working to improve organizational performance, competitiveness and value with a wide range of complex supply chain businesses for over 30 years in Australia, the U.S. and Europe. He has certifications and training in advanced statistical process control, TQM, lean manufacturing, constraint management, organizational development, negotiations and accelerated learning.

Rob Cattley, Principal Consultant, Fujitsu

Rob Cattley has been involved in supplying information systems for primary industries for over 30 years, both in New Zealand and internationally. He has a business degree and APICS qualifications. At Fujitsu he has been identifying needs for business solutions for the meat industry for over 15 years and has successfully installed Fujitsu’s MeatPro for Microsoft Dynamics into a number of meat companies in both Australia and New Zealand over these years, gaining a reputation as a leader in this space.